Pasargad's Serapi Collection Hand-Knotted Rust/Ivory Wool Area Rug

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  • Hand knotted rug with antique Heriz Serapi designs
  • Imported from India and crafted using the finest weaving techniques
  • Traditional style rug will give your room a very clean, elegant look and feel
  • Each rug is handmade with plush, premium wool
  • Will Match Any Type of Furniture

Details: The Serapi Collection is of the finest hand-knotted 100% premium lambs-wool. The Serapi design has its roots in Northern, where it has been one of the world's most popularized decorative rugs since the late 18th century. Now Pasargad has made a particular effort to resurrect the art of these fine rugs with their own Serapi collection. If you are looking for a rug that makes a bold, unique statement in any kind of room, the Serapi collection is ideal for you.